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Chapter 1

Chapter 2. You Can Bank On It

Captain Hi “Tek” Future took the elevator down to the ground floor and darted across the street. 

The pillars of the bank rose up into the sky above him like a victim raising his arms in the air during a robbery. Captain Future passed between the Corinthian columns and strode purposefully into the hushed corridors of Privy Ledged Town's foremost financial institution. Mr. Munay, the bank president himself, stood there waiting to greet him.

“Commissioner Gowens said you were coming, sir.” Mr. Munay flashed a fatherly smile around him and led Captain Future towards the rich but austere confines of his private office. The sounds of commerce disappeared as the door sighed shut behind them. 

They were immediately swallowed up in silence. The tapered length of silk draperies and the deep piled carpet masked any human sound made between them. Captain Future watched as Mr. Munay pulled out a monogrammed handkerchief and mopped at his brow. Fat blubbery lips trembled obscenely above his triple chin. “We've been losing funds steadily for a week! I expect results! If you can't do something soon, we're well as those who depend on us for fun-ancial backing like Ms. Hannah Taylor.” 

The words seemed torn from his mouth, as though he were too stingy to give even them away for nothing. “I was assured by Commissioner Gowans that you'd be discrete about this uhm...delicate problem, sir.” 

The handkerchief was refolded and tucked back into place. The man pushed his bulk behind a tremendous expanse of polished desk. He made a temple out of his hands and stared into Captain Future's eyes before his own eyes darted irritably around his office. He cleared his throat uneasily, “Just the rumor that this is happening could cost us a fortune.” The words were coated heavily with weighty concern as if the two men were in a funeral parlor rather than the most modern banking facility in all of Privy Ledged Town. 

“We think there has to be an inside man assisting Ace Britely to pull this off...” offered Captain Future. 

The bank president looked offended and threw a steely eyed glare across his desk. “Suppositions, now? Where are the facts?”, Mr. Munay stated evenly while clenching and unclenching his small, well padded hands. 

Captain Future leaned against his straight backed chair and looked mildly across the opulent desk of the bank president. He slid a manila folder across it towards the harried looking executive. 

“Special Agent Mark Richardson has provided us with GIF files of master criminals, Ace Britely and Sci-Fye. I've included pictures of myself and my compatriots as well so that your staff can become familiar with all of them. They should just ignore anything we may do when we are in here instead of following us around like puppies...”



Chapter 2

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