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Chapter 1

Chapter 3. Ace In A Holey Place

Captain Hi “Tek” Future stared uneasily at the two arch villians facing him. 

“Hannah! Are you all right?” His voice sounded husky even to his own ears. 

"Oh! Don't worry about her ... We know just how to take care of Ms. Hannah Taylor,” hissed Sci-Fye. He nudged the poor woman with the tip of his giggly stunner and smiled as his finger grew white on the trigger. 

“Just a reminder that we aren't kidding...are we, my dear! Or do you think this is a laughing matter?” Hannah sank to the ground as Sci-Fye shot into her side. Hysterical laughter erupted out into the horrified ears of Captain Future and his pal Doc Tyger. She looked up helplessly towards them as she gasped for breath, tears rolling down her ashen cheeks uncontrollably. 

“Enough, Sci-Fye! You almost cashed in our cash cow!” commanded Ace Britely, the only man who could even partially control him. The evil scientist grudgingly gave way as the mastermind advanced and stared down at Hannah. 

"I'm really very sorry, my dear, couldn't be helped. He does so like to play with his toys, you know. In fact, I think he has several in mind for you to try out in the near future...." 

He motioned to Captain Future and Doc Tyger to carry her towards the elevator. “That ought to keep your hands busy, my unlucky friends. It was a bit premature of Sci-Fye but perhaps a good object lesson in any case.”

The group rode slowly to the surface listening to Hannah nervously guffawing while holding her sides any time someone moved. Sci-Fye licked his lips and patted his giggle stunner admiringly. “Works better than even I had hoped ... just think of the potential for mankind ... turn the worst audience right around with the flick of a button and every man has the chance to die happy.” 


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