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“You really should move to a more secure location, Doctor.” 

Ace eyed the leader of the gang as the youth flexed his muscles and turned to stare at Hannah. “What's so funny, lady? You ain't never seen nobody work for a living before?” 

He flashed the sharp tip of a switchblade in the air to make his point. “If I was youse, I'd vacate this spot while'st I could do so, if you get my drift.”

Sci-Fye caught Ace Britely's eye and nodded. He turned the knob of the giggly stunner to full power and sprayed across the gang like he was swatting at flies. They crumpled to the ground heaving their guts out while literally shaking themselves to death with laughter. Their muscles constricting until they could no longer breathe. They had passed out in seconds.

Ace Britely's eyes gleamed with malevolent satisfaction. “I'd hate to be here when the news hits the streets and the rest of the their gang want revenge, good Doctor ... but let us be off and perhaps you can get back to save at least something before your laboratory is completely razed.”

“You're seriously thinking of letting us go?" quipped the adventuresome hero. 

“Of course! You all will be far more useful as mindless robots in my employ than, shall we say, visiting that great adventure awaiting all of us in the beyond.”

Sci-Fye gargled something like a laugh in his throat and nudged at Doc Tyger, "Wait until you get a load of what's in store for you! You can be as creative as you long as you create what I want." 

Sci-Fye pressed against the thumb print lock of the Cadillac and ushered the unwilling guests into the vehicle as the molded bullet proof door swung open to greet them. 

“I think you'll like this, Doc,” he whisped as the invisible force field held them in place in the back seat, “don't bother fastening your seatbelts ... you're safe enough without them.”

“Where are you taking us?” groaned Hannah between slowly fading hiccups. The effects of the giggly gun were wearing off and leaving her in an ill humor.

“Did you enjoy yourself, my dear? Thanks to you, we've captured the only threat to our plans. We're going to a place where we can sufficiently reward you,” smiled Britely.

Hannah tried out a sneer on her beautiful face. “All I want is my money you stole back!” 

She turned to Captain Future. “You're not much of a super hero are you! Can't even rescue yourself, much less me. I'd bet my last dollar that Ace Britely has more smarts than you do!”

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