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Ace preened a little in front of Hannah. “You already have, my dear. I'm sorry, this little scene is quite touching, but you just don't cut it as an actress, does she, Sci-Fye?” 

Hannah growled as she tried unwedging herself from between the two hapless friends, but was only able to move inches before giving up. 

“Most effective, Sci-Fye! She cannot budge at all. Too bad this device only works in small enclosed spaces, or we would have other uses for it.” Ace Britely grinned mischievously. 

“Well, we're almost there.” Ace pushed the gas pedal to the floor aiming right for a large brick wall. 

“Hey!” Shouted Hannah, who was no longer laughing at anything as the wall raced up towards them.

“What's the matter?” wheezed Sci-Fye as they raced on through the wall like ghosts, “Anti-matter is what's the matter ... turned us into a focused beam of anti-matter long enough to come inside our fortress ... there are no doors or windows here ... we don't need them! Impressive toy, what, Doctor Tyger? Make you feel a little inferior being shown up by your betters?”

“What time is it?” finally breathed Doc Tyger, airily unconcerned as he eyed his new prison. 

“Late!” sighed Captain Future. 

“But not too late!” laughed Doc, as he twisted the dial of his watch. The startled glance of Ace Britely and Sci-Fye froze in place as Doc Tyger felt the familiar bubble of the time nexus float around him ... cushioning him from the effects of the force field. The watch was only able to build a small time warp momemtarily, but might be enough for what he had in mind. 

Slowly he leaned forward and plucked the giggly stunner from Sci-Fye's hands. “Hmmmm...” he whispered softly to himself as he tinkered with it. 

With a few twists of a wire here, and a solid circuit there, he seemed satisfied and placed the strange weapon back in the paw of Sci-Fye before once again pushing the dial on his watch. 

“... and don't try nothing funny!” finished Sci-Fye, whipping the giggly stunner towards him, “...or you'll be the one wishing you could die laughing.” He poked at his glasses until they settled once more on his nose. 

“I don't think you've got the nerve!” poked Doc, eyeing Sci-Fye fiercely while digging at his collar. 

It didn't take much to set the mad scientist off. “Take that! you nerveless moron!” he shouted insanely, as he pushed the nozzle of the stunner against Doc tyger's chest and pressed the trigger. 

Doc blinked and asked politely “Take what? I don't feel a thing.”

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