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Chapter 1

Chapter 4. Footing The Bill

“Don't do it!” screamed Hannah Taylor. 

Sci-Fye snickered and eased back on the giggly stunner's trigger. “You're right, babe! This is too good for the likes of him. He wouldn't suffer enough.” 

“Suddenly gun shy?”, croaked Doc Tyger as he was pushed towards the center of the large laboratory which Sci-Fye had made his home. 

“Just where you're concerned. I wonder...” the mad scientist pointed the nozzle of his invention back toward Hannah and played with the dials before pulling the trigger. “It HAS to work...,” he mumbled distractedly to himself, “I mean it just did, didn't it?” 

Hannah shivered at her near escape from another giggle fit and smiled shakily at Captain Future. “Whew ... it's broken ... and am I glad ... I'd simply hate to be broken up about it after it nearly broke me in two with laughter!”

Captain Future patted Hannah's comely back while trying to digest what she'd just said. Sometimes Hannah's way with words got away with her. He sighed melodramatically as she leaned close against him. He wished someone could get away from here. His eyes took in the doorless and windowless walls surrounding them. It was going to take a miracle to get out of this one. 

He stared hopefully at Doc Tyger. While Captain Future could play the hero when it was needed, he relied on his old friend to match Sci-Fye's wizardry, and it looked like that's what was needed right now. 

“I don't get it,” Sci-Fye fumbled with his giggly stunner, turning it around and around in his hands, “I'll have to examine it to see why it gave up the ghost so suddenly...” 

Doc Tyger gave a reassuring smile at his nemesis. “Need some help, old son?”



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