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Ace Britely stamped his feet impatiently. “Not now, Sci-Fye. Have you forgotten why we came here? Quit dabbling with your toy and get on with it.” 

He motioned to the prisoners with one hand wrapped firmly around a .45 automatic pistol to give added emphasis to his command. Sci-Fye gave one last glare at his stunner and set it on a table scattered with electronic components. "All right ... all right ... come on all of you..." 

He led them almost in a line towards one corner of the building, with Ace Britely picking up the rear. The place was a maze of boxes piled with government surplus odds and ends. Captain Future noticed “Top Secret A-code access only” printed on most of the cartons.

“New storage depot for the U.S. government, Sci-Fye?”

A snicker met his unanswered question as they went deeper into the labrynth. They emerged into a small padded room replete with wire hookups connected to chairs set up to a multitude of switches. 

“Please, sit down, won't you ... I wouldn't want to be accused of being an ungracious host,” laughed Ace Britely. 

“What is this?,” queried Doc Tyger together with Captain Future. Hannah pushed back unwillingly towards the doorway.

“Now, now, dear ... ladies first ... lest I forget my manners.”

“May I ask, out of professional curiosity of course, just what you have in mind?” 

Sci-Fye turned with proud eyes towards the chairs as he answered Doc Tyger's question. “Of course ... I'm not sure anyone else would understand, Doctor ... but I would be interested in your response. Funny you should ask what I have in mind ... that's exactly what this is all about...”

Ace Britely checked the safety on his automatic pistol and cleared his throat. “Perhaps a demonstration, then ... Hannah, if you will be so kind?” 

The business end of the gun helped her make up her mind. She looked pleadingly at her two friends as she allowed herself to be prodded towards one of the chairs. 

“What is he talking about?,” quavered Hannah, as the cuffs were fastened around her arms and legs. 

Doc Tyger rubbed his chin and watched in fascination as the wires were attached with glue to the young woman's nerve centers. “If I am not mistaken, this is a virtual reality chair complete with all senses matching that computer program in process over there. Knowing Sci-Fye the way I do, I assume this is a biofeedback device as well ... feeding the software your responses ... both brain waves and emotional pancreatic in nature.”

“You never fail to amaze me, good doctor!” Ace Britely beamed good naturedly, “you and Sci-Fye are indeed brothers. You think much alike. It is a shame you have let morals interfere with your priorities ... think where pure science could be without them!”

Sci-Fye twitched a few dials which controlled analog-to-digital code conversion. “It is more than that of course ... with the simple injection of a hypnotic compound I will soon own Hannah's soul ... her mind will be mine ... her will to do my bidding completely. She will live to feel the instant pleasures of this computer controlled and induced sensual state.” 

Captain Future stared in amazement at both Doc Tyger and Sci-Fye. “This is impossible, isn't it?” 

Doc Tyger laughed so loudly that it surprised Sci-Fye into an instant pause of his procedure, “No, I'm afraid not ... there are pleasure centers in the brain which are much more responsive than any external drug an addict has had the displeasure to fall prey too. That has been known for years. Sci-Fye has just connected a virtural reality system along with bio-feedback to these centers.”

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