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The evil scientist bowed deeply to honor the praise being given his strange intellect. “A simple matter of combining seperate sciences, correct, Doctor Tyger! Your intuition is superb! Now let us witness the fruits of my labors!” He turned, raising his fingers over the keyboard as Doc Tyger moved his cuff from his wristwatch to check the time of the historic event. 

The red shift of the time nexus blurred the features of the room as Doc Tyger's small time machine once again created a shivering bubble of timelessness around him. It felt like moving through molasses as he lifted his legs and pushed his way towards the master computer. 

Carefully he eyed the monitor, his fingers flicking quickly, revealing the code which lay beneath the virtual reality program. 

“I thought so,” he laughed ... the sound was strange in the thick air. 

Sci-Fye had a subdirectory filled with his private home grown virus programs. “There ... and there,” he whispered, feeding a few virus of his own into activity throughout the system files and hard drive sectors where none had been none before. 

A quick sigh escaped his lips as he felt the red shift heat up. Time was short but he couldn't resist one final effect. He leaned down and tugged shoelaces loose on Sci-Fye's feet. The watch was growing so hot on his wrist that he felt his skin starting to sunburn. He stepped back and pushed a button on the side of the time piece. 

The comforting return of reality was broken by Hannah Taylor's sobs. Captain Future clenched his fists helplessly. “You coward! Why waste your time on her when it is Doc Tyger or myself that you really want...”

Ace Britely twisted an evil smile on his lips and nodded. “We will see who is the coward when it is your turn, sir. Until then, allow me the pleasure of watching your distress ... unless you want to join her now ...” 

“Why, you...!” Captain Future tensed, ready to spring at Ace Britely's throat. 

“NOW!” shouted Ace, as he covered Captain Future with his pistol. Sci-Fye took one last look at Doc Tyger's ashen face, calmly fateful and laughed, “Watch your own destiny!”

His fingers typed the commands to begin the virtual reality program and he watched keenly for the first effects to grow on Hannah Taylor's fear stricken features. Dead silence grew heavy as nothing happened. 

“What trickery is this! You fool! I gave you everything you wanted,” gave forth Ace Britely in an ugly oath. Sci-Fye looked in confusion at his brain child. He moved towards the computer, stepping on his own shoelaces and tripping forward, wildly grabbing for balance. 

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