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Captain Future's opportunity had come. He moved quickly as Sci-Fye got in the way of Ace Britely's weapon. “No, you don't!” 

He grinned and a steel grip turned the gun away as Ace's finger tightened on the trigger. Harmless shots sunk into a wooden crate as Ace struggled to empty the gun into the man restraining his hand. 

“You'll not get away with this! There is no way out of my compound without the aid of either Sci-Fye or myself!”

“One or two tricks deserve a treat...” Doc Tyger laughed warmly while undoing Hannah Taylor's bindings. Captain Future stood, with Ace Britely brought to his knees. “Where did Sci-Fye go?”

“I'd say he'd put his foot in his mouth.” Laughed Hannah Taylor pointing to the man laying on the floor. Sci-Fye's shoe had come off as he struggled for balance, been kicked high into the air as the man fell backward, and landed between his teeth as he lay gasping for breath on the floor. The three stalwart friends broke apart at the sight of him going cross eyed as he realized his plight.

That's it for now, but be sure to check back for further adventures of Captain Future, Doc Tyger and Hannah Taylor and meet other Crumb Stoppers© heroes
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