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“Welcome, both of you! I've been waiting to meet you..." 

Hannah Taylor was pushed unsteadily out in plain sight and soon followed by the crazed-eyed features of Sci-Fye coming not far behind. He was holding a giggly stunner in his bare fist and it was pointed right between the beautiful woman's ribs.

“If you don't want her to die laughing, you'll stop what you’re doing and listen to me!” grated the nemesis of Privy Ledge Town. 

Captain Future whispered uneasily to his astounded partner, “Where Sci-Fye is, the arch villain Ace Britely can't be far behind.”

“I'm sorry, Doc,” cried Hannah, “They followed me, somehow, and caught me as I was coming in.” Doc Tyger carefully lowered his hands to his sides and nodded forgivingly. His eyes flashed fire behind the glasses he always wore but his anger was directed at another invader of his private working place instead of the lovely Hannah. 

“Looking for me, Captain? I wouldn't want to disappoint you.” Ace Britely had stepped into view and smiled slowly before checking the creases in his designer silk shirt. 

“I heard you were wondering what we were up to, and thought you might like to help us in our endeavors....”

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Chapter 4

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