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“You got it!” She sighed softly and nodded. 

Commissioner Gowen twisted his hands behind him as he stared down at the majestic pillars of Privy Ledged Bank. 

“I just got a phone call from Ace Britely!” He said between tight lips. “He knows what we're up to! We've got to do something fast!” 

Captain Future stared into Commissioner Gowen's eyes. “I'll get my agents right on it... we'll need to talk to the bank president ... find Ace Britely's mad scientist, and talk to anyone who might have a clue about the case.”

Hannah looked startled. “Do we have time for all that?” Doc smiled at Cap, “We have all the time we need. I finished the 4th dimensional toaster, Captain Future, so we can take all the time we want.” Cap winked back at Doc. The time for action had come.

It didn't take long for them to decide what needed to be done and to divvy out the assignments. Commissioner Gowens got on the phone to the bank before the rest of them were out the door. Doc Tyger was already murmuring to himself as he headed for his laboratory with the device Captain Future had brought him bouncing up and down in his hand. Hannah Taylor headed for the gaming tables to pick up what gossip she could from the other prominent high rollers that flocked there. Captain Future watched them depart before heading out on his own important errand.

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Chapter 4

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