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Captain Future hurried towards the offices of Commissioner Matthew Gowen where he was to meet Doc and Hannah. Matthew had risen among the power brokers quickly. He'd started by being a simple reporter for the Privy Ledged Gazette and then taken over a conference of elite non-political players.

Cap wondered if there was a spy amongst them. How else did Ace Britely know so much? Cap fumbled with the door knob. The polished oak door swung open into the vast conference room in the middle of Privy city. 

“Hey!... Doc!”, Doc Tyger watched the small device turn end over end as it flew in the air towards him.

He caught it deftly and his hands immediately began poking and prodding at its secrets. Hannah gave a relieved smile as Captain Future sank into an overstuffed chair and swung his feet up onto the polished table.

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