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Captain Future had met Doc Tyger in an English Lit class and the two bored adventurers had spent many a diagram inventing computerized gadgets the world wasn't ready for. When they'd both been mugged coming out of the library late one night, it was easy to make the decision to strike back. 

Months later, with a full arsenal of gadgets at their disposal, Doc and Cap had looked among the student union bulletin board post-it notes to choose their first action.

Captain Future stuffed the lightgun back in its holster and stood up wearily. He'd torn a hole in his best shirt, but had what Doc wanted in his pocket. It was the gizmo that Ace Britely had used to swipe Hannah Taylor's gambling fortune right out of the bank. Doc wanted to take a look at it. Hannah wanted her money back. The captain's brows knit in concentration...

He wanted to stop Ace Britely from using a device like this again. He knew this had been a test. Next time the whole Privy Ledged Bank would be gutted or held at ransom, and the financial resources of the land wiped away in a single moment of nasty greed!

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