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This brought him Mr. Munay's complete attention. “See here! I can't have just anyone fumbling around in sensitive areas in my bank!” 

The financial wizard's hands reached for the pictures fanning out across his desk. His body shook as a corpulent finger stabbed at Sci-Fye's police sketch. 

“Why... this man is on our board of directors! He is a major financial backer of this institution. He couldn't be one of the criminals! Are you so desperate as to stoop to maligning a long and trusted servant of the bank?” 

The president gave an officious sniff and twisted a finger inside his collar before gulping for air. “We have invested in bonds to cover fifty percent of Mr. Bye Gum's enterprises. His inventions are world renown. He came to us most highly recommended.”

Captain Future waited him out. “That may well be, sir, but the same man is covering up a world class criminal career as well. Perhaps he is taking a personal loan without the bank's knowledge to cover the other fifty percent of his endeavors.”

Captain Future smiled patiently. “This picture of him is the only one that exists on the face of this earth. I cannot tell you how difficult it was to come by. Several agents are on semi-permanent leave while recuperating from Sci-Fye's shy retiring nature.” 

Captain Future was standing eye to eye and barely an inch apart from the frustrated banker who seemed to be opposing every word Captain Future said. 

“I will have no more of this tomfoolery. Get out of my office!” thundered the kingpin of the Privy Ledged financial empire in no uncertain terms. “You're a bumbling idiot coming in here and expecting me to accept this, much less assist you in furthering my ... I mean the bank's ... own defaming, even if it were true! It is insupportable! Why, I'll have your head for this!” The picture windows shook fearfully at the sound of the angry official's voice. 

“Does that mean you don't want a personally autographed picture of me to put among the awards on your wall?” quipped Captain Future. The bank president froze motionless as if he couldn't think of an acceptable answer. One hand was raised high above his head with a finger pointing to heaven, glued into place. Captain Future stared uncertainly at the living statue standing suddenly silent before him. 

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