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Shades of Fantasy E-Mag
Featured Short Story

" Temptation "
What is the way out
when love becomes obsession?

Shades of Fantasy

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Experienced Books

      A visit with owner Keith Clauson

            How does he compete

             with super stores?

Featured Sites

Crumb Stoppers 
Secret Hideout
Black Rock


"Black Rock"  
- Visiting Ghosts - 

Remote 50's tourist site 
South Shore, Great Salt Lake

Nutz on the Net
Nutz on the Net
award winning 
humor, political satire

Memories of Tomorrow
unique prose, poetry, art

A Resource for Writers
Money for Writers - Buy The Book
Money for Writers: Grants, Awards, Prizes, Contests, Scholarships, Retreats, Resources, Conferences, and Internet Information 
by Diane Billot (Editor) 
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