2150 South Highland Drive
     Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
There are a few places that become instant favorites because they feel right and are just what they're supposed to be. A recent visit to Experienced Books in Salt Lake City is shared below. 

How Does He Do It?
(by Bob Richardson)

While other independents are giving up the ghost and complaining they can't compete, Keith Clauson gets along fine with the big superstores.  He sends customers their way, and also gets referrals.  It's a good thing, since a two-story mega Barnes and Noble just opened down the street. 

Keith has been in the experienced book business (he prefers “experienced” books to “used” books because of his love for them) for over a decade.  He likes readers and is quick to recommend a title to match their tastes which they might not otherwise consider. 

He likes visiting and chatting with readers, and savvy  repeat customers come to Experienced Books for just that reason.

Kids of all ages feel so at home that they ask to come back.  How's that for a different slant on the TV age?  This is just what a bookstore should be. Three live-in cats greet you at the door, and birds sing from their cage on high bookshelves .

This is what a book store should be. There are all sorts of nooks and crannies to be explored for their hidden treasures. It's easy to see the look of nostalgia on the faces of Keith's customers as they are reacquainted with an old favorite.

The decor is as fun to explore as the book titles are. There is a touch of whimsy in the small odds and ends sitting on the shelves. The wall hangings aren't for sale but add much to the flavor of each visit.  Keith's daughter, who helps her father in the store on occasion, started the exhibits.  It is obvious she has the same love for books from her small touches here and there. No matter who is manning the cash register, the same flavor of moving back to a friendler, slower time prevades the shop.

I especially enjoy the labyrinth of aisles, which wander up and down stairs with their endless array of book stacks.  Each section is well marked by category.  Asking for help isn't a guessing game.  You get expert attention.  No-one is a stranger at Experienced Books.

It seems just about everyone gets along well at Experienced Books. Couples plan on meeting here because of the convenient Sugarhouse location.  The quiet, friendly atmosphere, nooks and crannies with comfy chairs and variety of low cost books make it an attractive  place to wait until your honey arrives. 

This is a good place to find some out of print books. Keith keeps some pretty unusual titles to delight the eye.  The last time I visited, I met a young mother excitedly waving a copy of "Kon-Tiki" a long out of print classic about traveling the high seas on ancient rafts.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed, "I've been looking for this for a while! My husband has been wanting to add this to our collection!"

Her delighted smile was testimony to the ambience that makes Experienced Books the nicest place for book lovers to while away a few hours in paradise.

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