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Harry's Game - Page 2
"Hi Harry."

"I've been waiting, babe."

"Ok. Ok. I thought we'd do the Spook Alley thing Halloween weekend."
"Fine with me, babe. You picking me up?"

"Don't call me babe!"

She heard hoarse laughter on the other end of the phone and wondered if Harry was recording this. It would be just like him.

Her mother would be home in a few minutes. Alice fought for control of her emotions in order to get this over with.

"I'll meet you there when it's dark, say 8:30 Friday night."

"Where, babe?"

She was so nervous she'd forgotten the address. "You know, the Frightmare House on Elm street."

"Cool, I helped put that one together. It's a United Way thing, you know. Thanks for the donation! Do I pocket the rest of the money or are we going out to eat afterwards?" More cackling laughter.

Alice could picture a creep like Harry working on Spook Alley. Halloween was probably his favorite holiday. He wasn't alone. Sounds of some sci-fi game could be heard in the background over the phone along with half whispered side comments. He had one of his geek friends over playing with the computer. Alice looked through the window and saw to her horror that her mom was coming in the driveway.

"Uh...sure...whatever, you decide! Bye!"

She slammed the phone down extra hard, hoping it would deafen Harry until clear past Friday.
"Hi Mom... Ok if I sleep over with Martha Friday night? We're going to the spook alley."

Guilt settled in as soon as the words left Alice's mouth but she had to do something, didn't she?

"Sure dear, help me with the groceries will you?" Alice nodded, relieved that her mom was too distracted at the moment to talk about Alice's plans for the weekend.

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