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Harry's Game - Page 3
"Hey, the agreement was a private date. What's she doing here?" Harry was dressed up in his finest. Alice stared in amazement at his clean jeans and white shirt. His hair even looked clean.

"She just walked me down here. Don't worry, Harry, you'll get your money's worth!"

"Kay babe. Let's not dally." Harry took her hand and almost jerked her off the sidewalk towards the old large warehouse that lay practically abandoned most of the year.

"Bye Alice. Have a good time." Martha, the great kidder.

Alice gave the money to Harry and watched him pocket the whole thing without paying for tickets.

"We get in free, cause I helped put it together!" He giggled hysterically.

"Funny man." So much for her first date's noble character. He wouldn't even support the United Way. Alice admired the back of his profile. It was his best side, she decided, less to see of him.
"You bet." Harry was having a laughing fit. She wanted to kick him but couldn't see anything in front of her own face as they entered the spook alley. She stumbled over the uneven floor, totally disoriented as they started through the twisting maze of small passages. She barely glimpsed at the chopped off heads, floating skulls and groaning vampires at the side of her vision but it was impossible to hurry Harry up.
Weird music floated in smokey air. Harry fit right in here, Alice decided. She jumped as he took her hand and tugged her onward.

"I'm going to give you a guided tour behind the scenes. You'll love it!" He screamed in her ear as a banshee shot across the space above their heads.

Alice hated spook alleys. She'd just tried to think of something where it would be dark and no-one would recognize her while keeping Harry too busy to think up new tricks.
He was halfway up a set of tight, rickety stairs before she realized they were out of the spook alley and up into the old warehouse, looking down on things. Harry was in his prime element.

"See... they have this propane torch shoot fire out through that oversized mouth you have to walk through. There's this guy lifts a rope to hold back the people so they don't get burned. Pretty awesome. I thought of that one myself!"

Alice grabbed hold of the railing and peered down to see what in the heck he was talking about. Sure enough flames shot through the opening like a fiery tongue and she could hear the authentic screams of the kids from her high school.

For once, Alice was glad Harry had done something. It would have scared the beegee's out of her having to face that part of the spook alley close up.

"Come on..." He volunteered, possessively taking her hand again. They both felt it. The old building shifting it's weight.

The added burden of the frame of the spook alley lifted and settled into tearing and grinding sounds. The people within it were loving it. They thought it was part of the package deal. Screams of laughter erupted into the air as pipes burst and hissed.

At the same time, the guy manning the propane torch got his cue. He let fly with a burst of flame. It shot up in crazy patterns, hitting the crepe paper and cloth drapes on fire.

Alice screamed as the flames rode along the top of the spook alley frame like frightened animals darting for escape. Fiery footprints flickered everywhere.

"They'll be burned to death...come on!"
"No way... I'm getting out of here."

Alice wouldn't let go of his hand. "I'll bet I can save more people than you can!"

"What? You're crazy!" But she saw she had caught his attention. He'd never lost a bet yet.

"All right... what's the reward?"

She was already running down the gangplank they were standing on, her face flushed in the growing heat. "Anything you want! Just get a move on."

Harry paused for a second as what she said hit him between his beetle wing eyebrows. "Wow..." and he was after her like a shot.

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