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A Short Story
By Bob Richardson ... ©1995
"Going around the old writer's block again?"

" might say that ... It's nothing to write about. It's like ... I'm in this fog." Dave Low had been staring at the computer for he didn't know how long. He felt her hands massage his shoulders as she leaned against him.

"Nothing seems to come." He murmured, letting himself go with her touch.

"Well ... I could think of a thing or two if you've got the time." She laughed, leaning down to nuzzle his ear. The smell of her was deliciously refreshing compared to the stuffy confines of the room.

"All right ... you don't have to ask twice." He laughed, reaching up to take her hand and trapping it quickly between both of his as he stood up and turned. 

She was a sight all right. Five foot seven, blond, blue eyed and constantly showing off more woman curves than he had known existed. 

She'd been on him to finish something ... anything ... for days now, tired of his aimless pacing. She was even more tired of his constant blank stares in the middle of their conversations. He didn't know why she put up with him.

Her hands slipped around his waist as she melted into his embrace. Well, maybe he did ... they were dynamite together. "Hmm...." She was the first to break the steamy kiss. "See, wasn't that worth writing about?" Sarah laughed. She eyed his tall lanky frame before leaning up to bite his lower lip and growl deep in her pretty throat.

She was a constant tease. He delighted in it even when he was in a blue funk, like now. Sarah leaned past him to click off the computer and took his arm, leading him past the stacked remains of his last literary piece. 

It was that ... falling to pieces since the last rejection from the publisher. 

"... has promise, Dave ... but could you add a little excitement in the middle ... it slows down too much and the main character comes across all dried up."

Sarah had to nudge him. "You're losing it, Dave." She stared curiously at him before shaking her long straight hair that fell like a shiny halo over her shoulders. 

He gave her a rueful grin as her fingers fought at the buttons on his shirt. "Losing it never felt so good..." He whispered as she tore his shirt off and dragged him away from it all. 


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