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Simple Living Guide to Spiffy-up TS articles

Not everyone can afford a professional web designer, graphics illustrator, webpublisher or wordsmith to promote their work. If you're just starting out in the web writing world, here's help attracting more readers and possibly an editor or publisher.

It's still is a good idea to check what professionals have to offer, just to know what to shoot for. More free help in how to get published is at ComDir Publishing. The site has writers resources as well as step by step "How 2 articles" to help make your writing experience more professional looking and profitable.   

Animated Gifs
Graphics at the top of your TS article (related to your title) give a better idea what your content is about with one simple glance. Large graphics take a longer to load and may cause readers to click off.  If resizing graphics (200x200 is usually large enough to display and small enough to load quickly) is still a bit complicated for you, here's an easy answer.  Sites like WebPedia and Animation Factory let you look a gif horse in the mouth with their free or low cost animated gif graphics.  More can be found when you use the term "animated gif" with your search engine. This lists several online sites which offer free or low cost graphics. If animated graphics bother you, search on free clipart but beware the many popup ads and come-ons many of these sites sponsor. 

Individual articles get lost quickly in the TS maze of authors.  Creating a column organizes your articles for easy access.  Readers click on the column picture at the top of your article to see all your column articles neatly listed together. If using Window's paint program (click program, accessories, paint) to create your own banner is still a bit difficult, this is even easier.  Click to use Adobe's free animated colored text banners. Simply type in the text you want (keep it about 4 short words or three long ones to match size requirements for TS banners).  Name and save your animated banner and you're ready to upload it into your new column! Remember TS's column guidelines.

Note: Adobe also features free (first three) ebook creations using the online version of their popular Acrobat PDF software. Combine your old articles into an ebook and list it for sale on your web site or on publishing sites. Many online authors use ebooks as free downloads to advertise where their works are.  Don't forget to mention your TS author address listed in your TS address box.