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Simplicity Weekly Guide

Featuring: Reviews of simple living resources; networking with simple living sites, leading authorities and TS authors; humor; and inspiring stories on how to have the "time" of your life. Simplicity, shares the best that life has to offer.

Inspiration: Being prepared gives me back control of my life.

Rotating my 72 hour preparedness kit during camp-in's or camp-out's makes it less of an emergency when I need to know how to use it. Every family should have a well practiced disaster plan.

The same kind of planning can save time when a daily crises hits. Putting a water bottle in the car saves time and money when the kids or I need a drink. I don't have to stop and/or buy that drink. As I reduce the physical and mental clutter in my life, what is left must be ready and in good shape to be repeatedly useful

I don't have to waste more time than money. Setting limits and goals can become the steps I climb on my ladder to success. I can set limits on work time and the play time I indulge in. I can take time to be the type of person I like & respect.

Resource: : "The Simplicity Resource Guide" Simplicity is the art of living meaningfully.

"This approach to living calls into question our society's tendency to equate money and material possessions with the good life. Adherents to this way of life reject the notion that our life goal should be to amass as much material wealth and prestigious accomplishments as we possibly can."

"Lifestyles tend to involve patterns of working less, wanting less and spending less. This site provides a wide spectrum of resources related to simple living, including book reviews, links to related sites, and relevant articles." - Linda Breen Pierce

Humor: Free Stuff I was so busy getting ahead, I almost lost my behind.

"So I get this coupon in the mail. It reads "You Are A Real WINNER" across the top, so of course my heart leaps as I realize my ship has finally come in."

Network Simplicity authors are referred by their subscribers and reviewed before being listed. Preferred sites and leading authorities are researched online. Contact me with your additions.
Arts and Crafts: Michaels , Mary Fleer

Conservation: International, GreenPeace, Bernie Quesada

Car Care: CarFax, Penzoil car tips

Family Life:     Caitlin
Food: Epicurious, Cooking/Gardening, Marilyn Wilkerson

Home Maintenance: Appliance Care, Energy Saving

Health: Drugstore, Family Doctor

Savings: Quicken, Consumer Report , SalesHound, Deann Curtis, Sharon Leming, Nancy Twigg