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Someone to Treasure -
Welcome Reflection's, contest winner, a new comer to Simple Living, who is game for just about anything. Sara V. Mosher pulled out all the stops to come in first in our Treasure Hunt . She found it hard to choose who her favorite simple living author was, but promised to keep looking. That's great news to us who want her putting her two cents worth in on our articles.

She is more than just a winning personality.  She's known how to do the write stuff long before becoming a contest winner.  She writes entertaining and informative articles, about people stuff, which enjoy a loyal following. Sara has a ready wit, well manicured style and samples a wide range of human interest themes that delight the reader's curiosity. Her column, Tropical Punch, features "inspirational and humorous reflections on the life of the soul and living inside out",  a weekly regular in Themestream's non-fiction section since May 2000.
Sara V. MosherSara V. Mosher "...lives in the geographic centre of North America. She is employed as a worker bee by day and lives as a Queen bee by night. She is also a lifetime member of the CIA -- Creative, Inquisitive, Active engagement with life."

In The Blood
I did a little undercover work to discover where Sara's writing twitch got it's start.  Sara's mother, Constance Mosher , is also on Themstream.  She had this to say. " I had a cooking column and was a correspondent for a crafts magazine. I've written poems, prose, and childrens stories. I'm now in the process of completing 2 novels. (Flip from one to the other). My age is 74 (feel 24) and I have eight wonderful children. One is an editor for a weekly newspaper and Sara sends articles to you. Her twin sister also writes and is an artist."

"If Only You Knew"
Not content just to write a successful TS column, Sara is experimenting with writing the pure poetry of life, as well. Thank you, Sara for playing along with us, and giving back much more than you receive.  Simple Living, it's having the "time" of  your life.