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Time for a Heart To Heart

Remember those little sayings etched on candy hearts? I think they taste better than fortune cookies and their message often can be taken to heart.  How's your love for life?  These favorite TS Valentine's shine. Pick the hearty Valentine you'd most like to be like and consider them a gift well worth sharing. You'll be glad you did.  Simple Living, it's having "the time", of your life.

U Inspire
Two of my romantic favorites are Reagan Connell's  photographic essays and Jae Malone's choice poetry. I like authors who's articles let their lives shine through.  The original art of  Alita Kinney is breathtakingly beautiful. She doesn't do much, but what she does knocks the socks off more prolific artists.  Are you just another "Hey you out there." type or an inspirational TS author that lifts others up?

Be Care Full
Sandee Romanek's heartfelt articles from real life share the compassion of life's real adventures.  She takes the time to make comments that are more than just "Thank you, very good!" and sends email to those who honestly impress her.  Deann Curtis's articles take me week by week through how she struggles to live the simple life. I love the way she shares those hard one tips by living them. It demonstrates a way of caring that couldn't be more hearty. Ever notice how people stay longer around someone like that, than around one of the "Shooting Stars"? 

U Should Be Committed
I was surprised when I found Linda Aksomitis on TS. I met her as the volunteer teacher of Barnes And Nobel's free "Writing Children's books" internet class. She hasn't let her life's hardships impair her heartiness, at all. I wish I had half her impressive life style. Does your commitment to write include nurturing those around you without drawing attention to yourself or are you a glory hound?

Humor Me
Do you get the giggles when surrounded by sour pusses (without putting them down)? When life pulls the rug out from under you,  do you know how to laugh at the prat fall, get up and try it again?  Without a sense of humor, most of us would have no sense at all.  No joke. Take a look at silly me and see how your funny bone compares. Sometimes, the only way around one of life's walls is a different view of reality.

I Luv U
Yeah, I do.  I love the way Bernie Quesada and Mary Fleer can out "simple life" me.  Their tips are supremely satisfying and make my heart go pitter patter.  I love the way they support others through their comments.  So what if Mary is more than a little crafty.  So what if Bernie has a difficult time deciding whether to use paper or plastic? I love seeing their next articles just because of the loving personalities behind them. You will too.

Happy Valentine's Day, TS readers.  Take some time to share some favorite Valentine's of your own.