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In A Pig's EyeAre we making pigs of ourselves with disposable products,  more is better, time savers, and buy for convenience? 

How hard is it to take last weeks empty grocery bags back to the store to re-use them this week? One store in our local area actually pay's customers .03 a bag when they re-use, and still it's the rare "Simple Liver" that gets the idea.  Why don't we just bag it ourselves? The same store used to sell strong, good sized cloth shopping bags but had to give up the idea due to lack of customer interest. 

simple liverSimple living is a mind set .  Sweden uses waste dumps to create methane used for electric power. Japan lowers toxic waste and air pollution with 20 year old technology the U.S. hasn't even begun to implement. The reason? It costs more to train employee's to handle waste, something we're not willing to do. 

A sewage engineer in California created a 'natural' treatment plant that has become a bird lovers paradise.  It uses procedures third world countries can afford, who currently push raw waste into our oceans.  Problem? Yeah, the rest of the U.S. community prefers chemically intrusive, high cost methods they can "control".  (Source - )

Alien Point Of View We are "fix-it" minded, instead of life-style minded. Toss more money and resources at it.   Competing special interest groups make war upon  limited resources because of polarized attitudes.  The simple living "alien" point of view,  not to use our world, but to take time to appreciate and nurture our world,  is the best "savings" plan there is.