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Mercantile SafePenny in a crack
Hardly worth the reach.
Small change don't take me
Where I want to be.

Price keeps rising, What, I'm a looking for. Best leave it inside, Instead of risking more. Penny in a crack Surely don't buy much. Heads win, tails lose. Wishes, I can't touch.

Gold Hill Mercantile Cost keeps rising.

Each new born day,
Dreaming and praying
I'll find my way.

Save my soul
Just to lose my mind,
Don't know where I'm going,
Just bidding my time.

Penny for my thoughts? "Come on, good buddy, live on borrowed time, awhile."
Penny in a crack Answers there. Never hunt for change When even you don't care.

The Color of Blues

Gold Hill Miner's CabinHumming the blues, brings words alive.
It's not so much how they sound
as what they bring out from inside.

Lifts my soul no matter how I feel,
keeps me moving along when life starts to reel.
The message of the moment, won't last all day,
but it'll be remembered as needed, along the way.

Humming some blues, inside my head.
Words dance, instead of lie half dead.
Life wasn't meant to pass on by,
It's why I got soul, music, to remind me why.

NOTE: Gold Hill Nevada, born in 1885, One church with steeple, two story Mercantile, School and Pool Hall. 3,000 miners. Location, one hour south of Wendover, Nevada. Reborn during WWI mining Arsenic to save Southern crops from insects. 3rd life gasp during WWII mining Tungsten. Now haven to rattlesnakes, lost gamblers, and rock hounds. Fewer than 100 still eek out an existence living there. Next birth? Remote site as county prison camp.