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                                               Short Bio

Rober's creative interests include pen and ink sketching, digital photography, prose and short story writing.  The fifty six year old artist  won the writersweekly 24hr writers contest (2nd place) in the fall of 2000.  He has had his work requested and aired on channel TV (Christmas poetry), published in ezines and featured in Geocities holiday gala.  He published a column on "Simple Living" for Themestream and continues to reap the rewards of that lifestyle..        

                    Writer and Artist           Shelter in the Storm

Float within, rest on distant shore,
moonlight eye's the treasure lure.
Dream taught vision, velvet sleep,
waves caress the endless deep.
Harbored feelings, memories due, 
washed clean as life's mirrored truth . 
                                                    -Rober 99

Corel 9 Inverted Ink Sketch - from fine tip black magic marker
on standard sketch pad

For more information contact
P.O. Box 65344
SLC, UT 84165


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