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Harry's Game - Page 5
"Anything I want?" Harry smiled weakly. He was laying on one of the emergency cots next to an ambulance. His breath smelled like he'd been smoking for years.

Alice couldn't look away from his face. "You saved my life you know." She whispered with tear stained cheeks. "... and those of a lot of others. You are a hero. Are you going to spoil it?"

"Give me awhile to think about it, babe." He coughed. 
Ellsworth walked up and knelt at his side. "Hey guy, which of you won the bet? I heard you were both heroes in there."

"She did." Harry nodded. "But I don't think I lost much." Ellsworth laughed. "Yeah...except your a girl. What did you bet?"

"Anything she wants." Harry said. Ellsworth stood up slowly, unable to control the awe on his face. He turned slowly to Alice, "What are you going to do with it?"

"Let me think on it." Alice smiled, realizing that Harry never lost a 'real' bet in his whole life. 


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Shades of Fantasy

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