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At the edge of life, where few reach, I play among heartbeats, teach what life is meant to be. To distant visions, eyes are led, become imagination's home, instead. Here we rest, love to roam, feel waves lap against my shore. I am an island, forever more. I'm not a lonely place to be, though solitude is guarenteed. I am a living poem.

Where I touch the sky, rises one still higher, the view to admire. What must it be like, to search the horizon in eagle sight. What memory disguise will she recall, when years tumble and fall beyond reach. In that moment, as a wave, she will return. her soaring inner vision yearn. This is my legacy, to be her island and always her beginning

She made me shelter in the storm, imagined or otherwise. I am home. What greater eternal gift? I am bliss, home to the pure love of life. We live in each other, gain strength and recover, as one arm rests against another. I am the earth from which she sprang and she, the heart from which I breath.

Worldly cares dim this romance of the soul. Before the tale unfolds, I will give bold vision to her eyes. In a moment the distance lies before us. It is enough. I have felt her touch. She is the eyes of love. She views what is beyond and returns it to the heart of whatever island calls her name.