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Antelope Island is a 5x15 mile hidden enclave in the middle of the 50x150 mile Great Salt Lake. It features 600 head of buffalo, pristine sandy beaches, biking trails, historic ranch site and park services
Tour half the island by car or a short climb to the top, where three other islands greet the eye. Pelican Island is nearby, where 5,000 birds make their home. They travel 100 miles a day to fresh water feeding grounds. Island living is a safe harbor.
Nature has created room size hollow rocks at the crest of Antelope Island. It is an instant home to children's imaginations. Fall and Spring are the best times to pay the $7.00 day pass and drive along the causeway to get to the island.
Spectacular views great the camera and romance the soul. Suntan lotion is a must. Shade few and far between. Ancient markings of Lake Bonneville caress the rock face for the interested geology hobbiest.