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Doc Tyger, here! 

Well, you made it. You're in my personal laboratory and research center. We do crummy analysis here! Any new inventions towards that end are very welcome indeed; but I've got something else on my mind I want to share with you today.

Crummy people out there are always thinking up new ways to destroy our quality of life; and it's up to you, Secret Agent, if you are willing to work for it, to think of new ways to prevent that from happening.

Elsewhere on this site, we've made fun of several crummy persons; and if you haven't already done so, read about the latest adventures of Captain Future and me in Captain Future's Journal. 

We like to use far fetched but effective means of protecting our unsullied freedom. None of them could have even been imagined just days ago! But that's the way technology is, right? It's the future turned into the now! 

Secret agent, you too can have the adventure of your lifetime and share it with us.

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