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Crumb Stoppers Secret Agent Kit v 2.60
(some construction required ~ batteries not included)
Kit 2.60 Deluxe (marked down from Kit 3.98)

Our Deluxe Kit 2.6 is made from the genuine man-made hides of naugas, which according to the latest reports from the Worldwide Association to Retain Purity in Totes (WARPT), there is no apparent end to the hides of naugas, and contains all the usual Crumb Stopper stuff. 

Kit 2.60 Regular (marked up from Kit 1.14a)

Our regular kit is made from genuine recycled construction worker lunch boxes and are guaranteed for two hours or one-time pickup by anyone under 10 years of age. These are approved by the Society To Use Previously Ignored Debris (STUPID) as they are considered to be of no use to anyone else.

A typical
Crumb Stoppers
Secret Agent
Crumb Stoppers© Badges

Careful consideration went into choosing just the right badges for our Crumb Stopper Secret Agents. These badges are currently in use. You too can have your very own Crumb Stoppers badge. Just print out a copy and affix the copy to your wallet to notify all crummy person of your valued status as an officially recognized Crumb Stopper Secret Agent!

Click on a thumbnail below to see the full sized badge and description.
Crumb Stoppers Shield 4Crumb Stoppers Shield 3Crumb Stoppers Shield 2Crumb Stoppers Shield 1

Officious Crumb Stoppers© Decoder Ring

The Official Crumb Stoppers Decoder Ring will be available as soon as we get an official Crumb Stoppers Decoder who can figure out how it works! In the meantime, we sort of enjoy watching it do its thing, which seems to be mostly waving at us.

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