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Collapse - Page 6
"You going to die, man! We ain't letting you go! You going to know pain!" Heaven was shouting up at the empty space as she danced around, openly defiant. 

The shooter slipped his rifle over the edge and let off one round with practiced ease. She dropped and rolled, crying out as the bullet clipped her buns. She was up yelling and screeching... running towards Flash while her fingers dug into her bloody cheeks.

"Why'd you miss?"

The rifle pointed towards the running figure and the sounds of two more rounds cracked the air. "Damn bitch, get away from me!" Flash was screaming, grabbing Heaven and using her for a human shield as his shoulder blossomed blood and she fell against him, hit again, this time for good. 

"Oh ..." 

"Didn't miss. Thought she might want company."

Bullets were spraying bits of rock on top of them and they both moved back into the building. It  would be night soon. Lani thought about her escape route and hoped no one else had.

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Shades of Fantasy

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