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They weren't particular. Flash took out a dozen pigeons with his semi-automatic while Heaven darted under the overhang then covered for him. She was a bitch all right. He had to dart below her covering fire or become meat himself. Rad and Spike were coming at the dude from the other side armed with hand grenades. Flash hoped they wouldn't blow themselves apart before they had a chance to do the dude. Three Fingers spit and walked up beside him, daring the bitch to shoot. 

She just smiled and dug his gut with her gun. "How we going to get him, Flash?" Heaven stuck another clip into her gun and turned to look up at the building. 

"He's digging in for a fight. We can wait him out. He's not going anywhere."

They all knew the best weapons were hunger and thirst. Disease stalked everyone who hadn't found a clean water supply and storage of canned goods. Up there with only what he could carry, he couldn't last more than a day or two.

"I want him." Three Fingers nodded.
"He's yours, sport. Go do him, if you can." Heaven was laughing. Her breasts quivered with joy. It made Flash lick his lips but he turned his eyes quickly away. You only looked that way at Heaven when she was feeling the urge. 

"You going to distract him or what?" Three Fingers was prodding.

"Sure ... we'll do our thing, if you think you can handle him." Heaven's voice dripped sarcasm.

"Cut it, Bitch." 

The sound of the slap was so loud it made her ears ring. Heaven held her stinging hand while Three Fingers caressed the imprint emblazoned on his face.

"Knock it off, you two." Flash didn't even raise his voice. He rose from his knees, flipping the ever present stiletto blade in his fingertips.

"Go..." He nodded to Three Fingers. "Don't come back until it's done."

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Shades of Fantasy

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